Hamster Coin is the first decentralized meme token of the community created in the BSC Network. The Hamster Coin’s goals are Financial Freedom and not to be affected by the negativity caused by market fluctuations. The Hamster Coin tried to be useful to society and Hamster Coin is going to hard working for to be useful to community forever.


HamsterCoin that are unlocked with certain periods of 50% of suply locked will be burned for Cz (Binance CEO). 50% of supply for PancakeSwap sales and has no main owner. All decisions taken are taken in favor of the Hamster community.

The Hamster Coin aims to be useful for society and Hamster Coin is going to work hard to be useful for the community forever.

Website: https://www.hamsterfinance.com

Telegram: https://t.me/Hamster_Finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hamster_finance




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