3 min readNov 22, 2021

How Hamster Finance Is Disrupting The Financial Industry.

Banks perform several important functions in the economy. The core one consists of maturity transformation and liquidity provision: taking deposits short term and making loans long term.

This function is accompanied by the monitoring of opaque loans that would have trouble being funded by the market.

A second function consists of payment and transaction services. Both functions rely on information processing of both hard information, verifiable and codifiable, and soft information, based on relationship banking.

Since the 2007–2009 financial crisis, the banking industry has been faced with low-interest rates, deleveraging or low credit growth, increased regulation or compliance requirements and a damaged reputation.

Along with the appearance of these threats, major changes have taken place in the banking sector in recent years.

A decade ago, the ten largest banks by assets were based in Europe or the United States, whereas currently the top ten are dominated by six Asia-based banks.

The reason for this shift can be traced not only to the crisis and the rise of Asia; traditional banks have had to deal with all the threats arising after the crisis, as well as digital disruption stemming from increased competition in retail from Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

With the increasing limitations of the traditional banking system, decentralized finance (DeFi) is not just rapidly gaining ground against the traditional financial sector, but it is now witnessing the first full crypto banks becoming a reality thanks to approval from the federal US government.

Although DeFi is still very young, it needs to mature as an industry. Projects like Hamster Finance are already able to offer financial services which are superior in almost all facets.

Hamster Finance Vs Traditional Banks

While Hamster Finance and traditional banks both aim to provide seamless financial services to consumers, that’s really the only similarity.

Perhaps to better understand the solution presented by Hamster Finance, it would be helpful to analyze the flaws of the current banking system.

The legacy systems and regulatory framework that banks use restricts their ability to leverage new technologies in time. For this reason, banks can’t introduce new services or products that address customer needs or issues at the same speed as DeFi companies.

The financial system banks use today is made up of some very traditional and antiquated practices and procedures. It’s more often time-consuming and glitchy than it is frictionless.

As consumer demands continue to shift to wanting things faster and easier, people are looking for a financial solution that meets their needs.

When it comes to innovation and advancement, traditional banks are falling behind and Hamster Finance is stepping up to the plate. DeFi may have a small share in the world banking system, but consumers are increasingly opting to use it as a substitute for banks.

Solution; Hamster Finance?

Hamster Finance is a decentralized tokenomics meme protocol that is based on Binance smart Chain (BSC). The specific feature that distinguishes it from other meme protocols in the market is that it is more powerful and secure.

Acting as an autonomous savings bank where users automatically receive interest based on the amount of Hamster tokens on their wallet balance, Hamster Finance is considered the bank’s biggest competitor.

Hamster Finance uses a tokenomics model. Here, users can earn more tokens by just holding an amount of hamster token in their wallet.

The Hamster Token (HAM) is a native Bep-20 meme token on the platform. Hamster Token has been listed on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap already.

The purpose of Hamster Token is to be a token that can be used globally with a vision to see Hamster Token on all exchange platforms.

The best part of the hamster protocol is that the payouts are hardcoded into smart contracts, ensuring users will automatically receive interest as long as they have an amount of hamster tokens in their wallets.

Hamster Finance is a community-owned meme project and the world’s first fully autonomous compound interest meme protocol. It is able to solve many of the issues plaguing traditional banking while offering savings at a vastly more attractive rate.

With an open protocol accessible to anyone with a device and internet connection, Hamster Finance can easily reach a large portion of the unbanked population and offer them access to savings. Helping bring financial inclusion to the world.