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3 min readApr 17, 2023

3..2..1… Cheese!

We’ve got some excellent (and exclusive) news for you! We are excited to announce that our NFT project is progressing as planned, and we have some exciting updates to share with our community.

But, before that, let us talk a bit more about HamsterCoin itself and remind you of how we started.

Hamstercoin is a cryptocurrency project that began as a community initiative and a meme token on the Binance Smart Chain network. Over time, it has grown into a more robust project that is preparing to establish its own ecosystem.

Here’s the question for you, my dear reader — what’s the main thing that keeps any project alive?

The right answer is:

(and keeping up the promises)

We have both at HamsterCoin. We have been fortunate to have a growing community with a strong bond since the beginning of our journey. Not only do we have a lot of support from the outside, but from the inside as well — our team is always advocating for transparency and fairness.

Therefore, we never had any pre-sales or token allocations for the team or investors. Everyone purchased their own shares as the project grew.

Everything is fair.
Everyone buys the same.
Everyone enjoys the HamsterCoin.

HamsterCoin is not the only coin that we have — “what a surprise!”
There’s also a swap system and a reward token called Cheese Token.
Users can stake their Hamstercoin tokens and earn Cheese Token rewards. The staking feature has a long-term option where users can lock their tokens for 1 or 2 years and receive fixed BUSD and Cheese Token rewards.

You might be asking yourself: “What keeps it all going?”

Ooooh, there are so many answers to this question.
One of them is the fire burning inside our team and the community that keeps the project growing.

The other is a financial side of it — slippage fees. When users make transactions in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network for Hamstercoin, there is a 12% slippage fee that is applied to the transaction.

It’s split into just 3 parts.

The first part of the slippage is used to send BTC rewards to holders, which incentivizes them to continue holding Hamstercoin.
The second part is added to the liquidity pool, which helps to increase the liquidity of the token and reduce price volatility.
The third part is used for market research and buybacks, which can help to support the price of the token by reducing the circulating supply.

Those fees are a crucial part of the ecosystem.
They keep the project growing and make us support the token’s value.
This, in turn, brings a lot of benefits to you as well — you can take part in a project that is aligned with the market conditions and voice your opinion on HamsterCoin
(and make sure your voice is actually heard).

Isn’t that beautiful?

What’s more beautiful — we take pride in giving back to our community.
As the project grows and evolves, it does so in tandem with its community, creating a sense of partnership and collaboration that benefits everyone involved.

Just to show you how an example of how we walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

There was a painting competition with a Christmas theme that offered a prize pool of $2,250. Additionally, the project held a major event that involved a draw for a Tesla 3 Model S.

These events are not the only way in which Hamstercoin shows its appreciation for its community. The project also holds local events that offer prizes to everyone who fulfills the conditions of participation. These events are not draws, so everyone who meets the requirements will receive a prize.

So, if you’ve read this far…

We’ve got some even better news for you!

We are excited to announce that the NFT marketplace Mint will be launching on April 17th at 15:00 UTC.

Our platform allows us to mint and sell Hamstercoin digital creations as NFTs while providing collectors with a secure and easy-to-use platform to discover and purchase unique digital assets.

Mark your calendars for April 17th at 15:00 UTC, and join us as we usher in a new era of digital ownership and creativity.
We can’t wait to see what amazing creations will be in the marketplace. See you there!

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